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Deep Firm Competency
STI is the quintessential "deep firm." This is opposed to independent consultants or design houses who only provide competencies in a limited array of disciplines, i.e.; "shallow firms".

The advantage of working with a “deep firm” is that the proposed product will be looked at through the lens of separate and not always complementary disciplines. For instance, a common occurrence when working with industrial design firms is for a product to be produced which is elegantly designed and ergonomically correct, but simply does not work from a functional standpoint. This is because designers are not engineers and engineers are not product testing scientists. When working with STI, however, the design can be reviewed, quickly and efficiently, by specialists in many different development disciplines, avoiding problems and greatly enhancing the final product. This multi-disciplinary approach also greatly enhances creativity and innovation. Having the design looked at from different viewpoints which represent different knowledge bases, often can foster breakthrough ideas. The “deep firm” advantage of STI is especially evident when developing a product from the ground up. Having all the product development disciplines under one roof, from the laboratory scientists who conceptualize and develop the solution, to the engineers who design the product, to the technicians who systematically test, refine and verify the end result, creates an atmosphere of communication, collaboration, innovation and ingenuity that spawn the “eureka moments” we are known for.

The advantages of working with a single organization that delivers all relevant product development components cannot be understated. STI also can function well as an extension of your Product Development Team, becoming conversant in your culture and systems, bringing our powerful resources and deep competencies to the point of greatest effectiveness. This can often make the difference between a good design and a great design, as well as the speed-to-market needed in today’s economy. The ability to add our strengths to your team, where and when needed, allows you to leverage your internal resources without adding long-term cost. It allows you to quickly respond to any product development challenge, only paying for the specialized capabilities required when you need them, allowing you the flexibility and freedom to focus on your core objectives.

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