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Formulating New Solutions…All the Time
When a customer comes to us with a problem, we find a way to solve it. As a company that focuses on innovation and customization, we’ve developed a wide range of contract manufacturing solutions to help our customers with even the most difficult challenges. You might find the answer you’ve been looking for right here.

Collaborative Costing
Many of our customers ask us to help them identify solutions for potential projects. We use our manufacturing expertise to define the unknown costs and requirements of the budding concept. From identifying components to testing final assembly, our analysts carefully identify a cost structure that will foster the project’s evolution. In addition, our collaborative costing research can be easily adapted as the “bill of materials” or “print requirements change” document. We work collaboratively with you to bring clarity and focus to your idea—maximizing the effectiveness of your supply chain.

Advanced Quality Planning
The key to any successful implementation is a plan. Our quality planning services identify key characteristics of the assembly process, including potential issues and risks. By identifying these concerns early in the process, we can create specific steps to mediate or eliminate those issues before production begins. At STI, our process always includes a Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (P-FMEA) for all assemblies and kits. We use the P-FMEA to develop detailed control plans, work instructions, training procedures and inspection routines to meet your specific requirements. The quality plan we create for you will get the job done right…the first time.

Assembly Fixture Fabrication
Our mission is to deliver the highest quality parts at a competitive price. Through our experience, we’ve found that dedicated fixtures lead to quick, repeatable assembly. Fixtures accommodate critical dimensions, reduce operator error and eliminate variation in sub-suppliers’ processes. We use proximity switches, automation cylinders and hard stops to make sure each assembly detail is addressed. By fabricating custom fixtures for your project, we can maintain consistency and speed implementation.

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