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Significance & Experience
In the world of product development firms, talk is cheap. STI walks the walk. Dozens of complex projects completed for world-class clients. Over two thirds of the STI organization are engineers, product testing and research specialists.

The average STI engineer has 10 to 15 years product development experience. STI utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and technology platforms and can extend the benefits of our sophistication to our client’s development projects.

A Commitment to Value
STI is a world-class organization with global scope, but, with our Technology Centers located in suburban Chicago, Illinois we are firmly entrenched in our Midwestern roots. As we have grown we have never lost our commitment to small and middle market enterprises.

STI provides value to our clients and works hard to ensure that our client’s money is well and economically spent. When comparing STI to other product development firms with similar capabilities our clients are pleasantly surprised by “the value we provide”.

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